On another note, I just finished designing a logo for Cupcake Connection, a home based business from Bangkok, Thailand. Love the super sweet color theme!

Feel free to email us if you need a new logo for your business. 
Nice package awaits you. :)

*UPDATE on EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY SET (refer previous post) : 
3 more slots up for grab! :)



 *Click the poster to enlarge. :)

Hello guys! I have some goodies for all of you. This is the chance to make your party a lil bit special with the help of Weekendiminlove. Even though it is pretty basic, but it is enough to make an impact to your party. So grab this opportunity to be the first 8 people to book this Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy set! Email us at weekendiminlove@gmail.com. Yeay!


I love patterns! And I recently hooked to another pattern linked to an ethnic in Mexico called Aztec. This pattern is on the rise now, you can find it everywhere. I played around with the pattern just now, I think it could be an interesting theme for party. It definitely goes well with any Mexican theme party too! Any taker? :)



Hello good people. I have finally created an FB page for Weekendiminlove Party Prints! Feel free to Like the page and hope to design more parties this year. Thank you for your support! :D



Introducing Labu The Cat and his adorable friends. This is going to be the party theme for the next birthday party that I am currently designing. The party is going to happen in February. I can't wait and  I am sooooo excited! :D



Some fancy cookings i have ventured for past weekends. From top : My obsession with fish fillets, with extra dills on top!, Beef stew which was perfect on that rainy day, Cranberry Apple Sauce in the making, and later eaten with meatballs and great with ice-cream too. I combined Jamie Oliver + Gordon Ramsay's recipe. Double awesome! So weekend is here! What's your fancy cooking this week? :)



My kids enjoyed their 'highest' jump shots ever! :) Have a happy and spectacular new year, 2012!


We celebrated the new year by driving to the south, to the neighbouring country, Singapore. Been eyeing the Marina Bay Sands from far and thinking how would it feel to be on top of that ship/deck look alike, on top of its three towers; we thought it's time for us to go there.
We were amazed by the spectacular view from the deck of this Sands Skypark. Its totally worth it! So the next time we go pass by the building, we can proudly say this ; 'Oh, I've been up there. And it's spectacular!; :)