Hello! I am so excited to finally have the chance to update all of you about my daughter's birthday party. Finally we settled for something that's absolutely sweet, simple and versatile. She wanted a rainbow theme, but I was quite reluctant as I already envisioned something pretty and utterly sweet yet a darling theme for her, but still could not figure out exactly what it is at that time. So I guess 'Pretty Pastel Rainbow' theme would definitely fit what we both want (yeah i know it's her party, not mine, but i am the mother a.k.a the organizer ;P). So it's a win win situation for the birthday girl and the organizer a.k.a the party planner/designer a.k.a the mother! :D

I know you don't see much rainbow here as in the actual "rainbow". I tried to focus more and play around with the elements of colors for this party, and i think it's more fun and versatile.

What I love most about this party? It's the cake! It was too awesome and beautiful. Thanks to Laralicious. :)
The cake came plain when it arrived, we decorated it with pretty pastel candies my friend bought me from Australia. The candies just blended perfectly with the cake and the whole theme. Cheers Kusya! :)
Oh, and thank you to my 'last minute' handmade cake topper/flags! It made the whole party complete!

Can't wait to design another party. Anyone need my help? :)


  1. I adore the use of the smarties on the cake!

  2. cheers mate! love the sweet pastel minty on the cake too!

  3. Thank you Tiffany and Kusya! :D

  4. How do you make the polka-dot cupcakes? :)

    1. Hi Jamie, it's not really a cupcake. More like a steam cake, I would say, a local delicacy called Kuih Apam. But it's very simple to make. I shall email you the recipe soon. :) Just give me your email k. Thanks. :D

    2. Can you email me the recipe too? These would be cute with my daughter's Minnie Mouse themed part! JABJ611@gmail.com

      Thank You!!

  5. Can you tell me how you made the polka dot cupcakes? They are adorable!!