I took chance to photograph these leftover candies from the birthday party. I am so in love with this duck shaped candies. Not because of the taste. (weird taste ;P) but because they are just soo colourful, glossy and too pretty to be eaten!


Details of the photobooth props for last birthday party. Love making them. So freaking cute and sweet! :)



Hello! I am so excited to finally have the chance to update all of you about my daughter's birthday party. Finally we settled for something that's absolutely sweet, simple and versatile. She wanted a rainbow theme, but I was quite reluctant as I already envisioned something pretty and utterly sweet yet a darling theme for her, but still could not figure out exactly what it is at that time. So I guess 'Pretty Pastel Rainbow' theme would definitely fit what we both want (yeah i know it's her party, not mine, but i am the mother a.k.a the organizer ;P). So it's a win win situation for the birthday girl and the organizer a.k.a the party planner/designer a.k.a the mother! :D

I know you don't see much rainbow here as in the actual "rainbow". I tried to focus more and play around with the elements of colors for this party, and i think it's more fun and versatile.

What I love most about this party? It's the cake! It was too awesome and beautiful. Thanks to Laralicious. :)
The cake came plain when it arrived, we decorated it with pretty pastel candies my friend bought me from Australia. The candies just blended perfectly with the cake and the whole theme. Cheers Kusya! :)
Oh, and thank you to my 'last minute' handmade cake topper/flags! It made the whole party complete!

Can't wait to design another party. Anyone need my help? :)


I would like to share a unique floral deco for a special wedding reception for Farah & Zach. I had the opportunity to design posters and tags to fit the theme. For those who want something different for the wedding, this could be an option. Enjoy the pictures! :)

Floral deco and wedding styling by : Vanilla Floral Studio



"The magic behind every outstanding performance, exceptional meal, fine piece of furniture, jewelry, or clothing is always found in the smallest of details."

In my case, I am referring to small component that build the whole theme of an event, be it birthday parties, weddings, etc.;the stationeries or paper goods some people might call it.  This is including small posters, signages, tags, labels, menus, invitation cards and everything in between.
Many people downplay small details, dismissing them as minutia-the "small stuff," that we're encouraged to ignore. But, in fact, our whole environment is simply an accumulation of tiny details. I think it is very important to have everything designed and choreographed nicely to fit the theme or concept of the event. I enjoy looking at every detail of the event. I am easily mesmerized with awesome details, no matter how small it is. Like i said just now, sometimes its the small tiny details that make the whole thing successful.
Anyway, I would like to share with you guys some of the designs I've done for past months. You can check all the paper good designs I made for these weddings. Thanks to Tie The Knot for the opportunity and the pictures! :)