One word : Adorbs! :D

Who doesn't love chocolates? Especially when it comes with personalized/custom made pretty wrapper? Definitely every party favourites!

*Above are some designs I made for previous clients. Want one for your party? Email me for more info. :)


Some fancy flags I designed for summer theme wedding. Thank you Tie The Knot! :)



“Everything starts as somebody's daydream.”

Larry Niven

*A sneak peek from new series of works called The Daydreams.



Sometimes, the only thing you want is to celebrate it with the closest family and friends, and to have it done at home, with home cooked dishes or even better a home made birthday cake to complete it. But that does not mean it should be typical and mundane. Take an extra effort to make it more special, so that it would be more meaningful to everyone and as a bonus, the setting would be  perfect for photoshoot too! :)
That's what I did last weekend, to celebrate a belated birthday of my son. It was such a simple setting. All you need is just one main table to put everything coordinated to the theme; and in my case I chose Nautical theme as he likes boat and stuff. I combined dark blue, white, baby blue and a bit of red and also a lot of stripey patterns! The party/photoshoot session was really fun indeed, as the birthday boy enjoyed his favourite donuts made by daddy dearest as his birthday cake. Oh, didn't I tell you, that this was done in the morning, so it was more like a birthday breakfast party (complete with cereal bar as part of the menu)  :)

I am looking forward for November, as my girl would turn 7. Still in negotiating process with the girl to decide on her birthday theme. Any idea? :)

*Thanks to TSTM and Carmelita.

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It was an exciting weekend helping a client/colleague to realize her Angry Birds inspired birthday party for Zahir, her 2 years old son. Weekendiminlove was very glad to have the opportunity to design the party. You can take a look at the banner, goodie bags, chocolate and water bottle wrappers I have done here. Oh, not to forget the props for the photobooth. The angry birds party hats were definitely everyone's favourite!
*Pics by : Chun Chow.


My latest design; a logo for Dunia Cupcakes! Love the layers of colors. :)
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Syabil is 5 years old! How fast time flies. Should I be worried, that I started feeling old? ;P. Haha, JK. I am fine with that. Feeling old? What is that? 'The decreasing of self esteem kinda feeling' is more like it. Well everyone should stop doing that including meself. No good at all! :

For his 5th birthday, I decided to do lil celebration at his school. So I made goodie bags for all his classmates. I love brown paper, and i particularly love this brown bags! And its cheap too! :)

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