You want to give flower, but at the same time you want to give him/her a cake. And she/he is on diet.
So Vanilla Floral Studio has figured it out. A Floral Cake!
So if you plan to surprise him/her with a normal bouquet of flowers, why don't try this floral cake instead. It's so unique and inimitable. Extra special. :)

Note : Although it is a cake, but it's not edible. Its just an arrangement of flowers.

Pics by Vanilla Floral


  1. aahh. you're back, concretelilac. :)
    btw, boleh je nak makan. tapi ada pening2 sikit la lepas tu. mungkin disertai dengan diarrhea, muntah2 sekali..

  2. ahahahaha.. i'll pass then. sitting in the toilet with blankir and pillow is soooo not fun!

    and yes, i'm back. hehe.