Eight years and counting.. Happy Anniversary Love!




According to Merriam Webster :

Definition of AMBIENCE
: a feeling or mood associated with a particular place, person, or thing : atmosphere
  1. the ambience of a tropical island
  2. <the exurb has the unmistakable ambience of old money>
And I think this place has a super nice ambience, thanks to the interior designer, I guess. And love love love the tomyam. So if you want nice tomyam + super nice ambience. Go here : Penang Village. Especially the one at Great Eastern Mall, Ampang.



This is awesome! Check out works by Holton Rower.It's totally wicked. Designboom wrote :
"In his 'Pour' series, New York multimedia artist Holton Rower directs and collaborates with the forces of nature, leaving an element of the artistic process to the effects of gravity.
In the studio, Rower orchestrates the pouring of successive layers of coloured paint onto three-dimensional objects. The designs that result are in part the effect of careful colour selection, timing, and pouring, and in part the less predictable result of gravity and surface forces on the materials."

Pics from Designboom




When things get dull and bored, its time to accessorizing! I just featured some of super nice accessories I got from Stellar. Love love love the earrings. :)
For more accessories and other cool stuff, go here : Stellar


Love my new sweet pastel accessory. Sweet and rad!
Thanks to Stellar.



You want to give flower, but at the same time you want to give him/her a cake. And she/he is on diet.
So Vanilla Floral Studio has figured it out. A Floral Cake!
So if you plan to surprise him/her with a normal bouquet of flowers, why don't try this floral cake instead. It's so unique and inimitable. Extra special. :)

Note : Although it is a cake, but it's not edible. Its just an arrangement of flowers.

Pics by Vanilla Floral



Category : Book

I must have this! These are some reviews about the book :

"Cookbook, style guide and photographic tour de force, this is a gloriously indulgent celebration of the pleasures of frocking up, decking out and cooking up a storm.
Fashion designer and passionate home cook Fleur Wood shows us how to create the kind of event that delights the eye and ignites the imagination, from a wild-child birthday party to a winter solstice fondue dinner and afternoon tea in the greenhouse with the girls."

'A stop-you-in-your-tracks book unlike any we've seen before. Full of fresh styling and foos ideas for your next dinner party, birthday, event ... ' Real Living

'Fleur Wood's Food, Fashion, Friends is the ultimate guide to entertaining with glamour, sophistication and fun.' vogue.com.au

'A stylish fairytale volume with luxe allure for grown-up girls with parties to plan.' Cosmopolitan


I'm a sucker for fancy schmancy breakfast cereals. I used to love Post Great Grains sooo much. Now i am kinda hooked with this White's Toasted Oats. Instead with milk, i eat it with flavoured yogurt, topped with whipped cream and strawberries. Yumms!



"You know a friend is found when you are happy to see them. 
You know love is found when it hurts to leave them."


Discovered this island during Saturday morning jogging. Can you guess where is this? :)



Weekend is here again. Home made cooking is nice, but sometimes it is the time to treat yourself with something else, means good food out there. This weekend, we tried Serai which is located at Empire Subang. The verdict : The ambience is nice, the service was super, the food was good too especially their presentation and array of desserts. Fantastic. Top Notch! We had Mee Goreng Mamak, Nasi Ambang, Rendang Penne (think fusion!) and Mini Cheese Burgers for kids. And the dessert : THE Pavlova. :)


Macaroons are sooo last year. Now everyone is up for Pavlova. I just had one at Serai Empire as recommended by a friend. And let me tell you: It’s so awesome. It melts in your mouth, the fruits are so fresh, and everything else is just soooo perfect! I glanced at the tables around me, and they were all having the pavlova as well. I smiled and continue to enjoy bit by bit of my precious pavlova. Ahh..life is good. :)



Can't help it. I'm falling in love with eustoma over and over again. :)

Thanks to Vanilla Floral Studio